Our Man of the Year Awards loading…

Following our desire to reposition entrepreneurship development as the number one solution to the unemployment crisis ravaging our country, Nigeria and Africa at large, we hereby announce the launch of our Man of the Year Awards starting from 2014.

In African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF), we strongly believe that entrepreneurship and social innovation are solutions to many challenges in our society, especially in job creation and employment generation.

Therefore, the major objective for instituting this annual award is to celebrate young social innovators and entrepreneurs below the age of 40 years, who have solved societal challenges with their ideas as well as impacted on the lives of other young people in their chosen careers.

Celebrating these successful young entrepreneurs will encourage other youths to engage in solving other societal problems through social innovation.

Alongside the Man of the Year Award is the “Organization of the Year”, which also will showcase organizations around the country that have impacted on the lives of the youths positively in the year under review.

These awards promise to be interesting and we urge you to be part of them by nominating and voting for persons and organizations of your choice with reasons why you are nominating them for the awards.

The winners will be announced with their profiles showcased on our websites at www.inspireyouths.org and www.afrydef.wordpress.com on Saturday, January 10, 2015.

The voting starts NOW… please, send your nominations to us via email at afrydef@yahoo.com or post it here



African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF) is a not-for-profit development organization established in Nigeria in 1999 to mobilize resources and to promote and support sustainable youth empowerment and rural development initiatives in Africa. Our Mission is to cost-effectively empower young people; women and children choose a better future for themselves through facilitating sustainable youth and rural development initiatives. In AFRYDEF, we envision a society where children, youths and women are viewed as assets and resources, and thus encouraged to develop their full potentials. For more information, please, visit www.inspireyouths.org or call +234 (0) 803 870 2075 or email: afrydef@yahoo.com
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