Put a Smile


Donate $100 to put a smile on someone's face today!

Donate $100 to put a smile on someone’s face today!

You can change someone’s life by just becoming one of our $100 philanthropists!

In most rural communities of Nigeria, there is no source of portable water supply; there is disease infestation, malaria attacks, poverty and hunger. In these communities, the rate of child mortality is always very high.

Most families in these communities can hardly afford a square meal a day. They equally live in shanties and do not have good clothes to wear.

Do you need to be told that most sicknesses and deaths in these communities are caused by starvation?

Have you ever been to a rural community in Nigeria or any of the African countries before? May be, you have not! Now, do you remember what it means to be hungry and you do not have hope of getting a meal from anywhere? May be, you have not!

Ok, think for a minute and imagine how it may feel to go hungry in just a day of 24hours. How about going hungry for two days? How about dropping out of school because your parents cannot afford to pay your school fees? Think again, have you lived in or sorry, have you ever seen people living inside mud houses under leaking thatched roofs?

How about watching a loved one die in pains from a disease that is curable, just because there is no access to a healthcare facility around your community or may be because you cannot afford proper medication?

These are some of the challenges that prompted the inauguration of our “Put a Smile on Someone’s Face” project in 2008. The project is aimed at providing the less privileged persons and families in Imo State and its environs with the basic needs of life: food, clothing and shelter.

Our Success Stories…

Through this project, we have raised funds and built homes for 2 families that are homeless; awarded 2 full and 5 partial scholarships to children from poor families to enable them acquire secondary education; paid off medical bills of 2 indigent persons; donated 60 one-quarter bags of rice to 60 widows, 20 buckets of beans to 20 poor families, shared over 1,000 clothes, wrappers and shoes to over 100 men, women and children.

Our passionate appeals…

Do you have surplus food in your home, used clothes, used shoes, etc? Please, don’t throw them away anymore, send them to us. Your used clothes could become someone else’s Christmas clothes!

You can change someone’s life by just becoming one of our $100 philanthropists. Make a donation now to put a smile on someone’s face! All funds raised are strictly applied to the project as described above.

Remember, “He that has gives to the poor lends to the LORD; and that which he has given will God pay him again” – Proverbs 19: 17

For further enquiries, call any of the following telephone numbers +234 (0) 803 870 2075, +234 (0) 818 102 2662 or email: info@inspireyouths.org  or afrydef@yahoo.com  or visit www.inspireyouths.org  

Volunteers and collection centers wanted all over the world!

God bless you in advance!



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